Spectacular results on breast cancer with Peking University Peoples Hospital
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The current unpopular intra-operative frozen section technique creates bottlenecks in the surgery workflow: it is long 40-60 minutes per cycle and expensive with a surgical room cost of $60 to $ 100 per minute in USA.

Moreover, for complex surgeries where clear margins are difficult to confirm and for breast tissue, where frozen sections are not effective, reports from the pathology lab can take five days to two weeks, requiring additional surgery – up to 30 percent of the time. In that context, the potential benefits of using the LLTech systems are:

  • Utilize Operating Room more efficiently
    • Shorten duration of surgery
    • Avoid repeat surgeries
    • Serve more patients
  • Improve patient experience

The first target applications are Urology (prostate) and Gynecology (ovarian Cyst) surgery.