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Radiology: Real-time assessment of biopsies

Biopsies of internal organs (lung, liver, kidney, prostate, gastrointestinal system) are complex, expensive and have up to 30% failure rate. The consequence is recalling the patient and repeating the procedure, which increases the risks for the patient and the costs for the institutions.

Today, with the development of personalized medicine, biopsies must contain enough live tumor cells so that all the appropriate tests and diagnosis (genetic profile) can be done. The requirement for more tissue to analyse, in conjunction with minimally invasive surgery, which aims to excise less tissue, is a more stringent requirement than before, when only a few cancerous cells where needed.

Radiologists and urologists see the LLTech system as the tool to ensure that the biopsy is adequate before the patient leaves.

The LLTech system demonstrates very good performance in cancer detection:

    • 100% detection of kidney tumors (30 samples).
    • 100% sensitivity, 96% specificity for prostate tumors with Gleason score 6 and above (220 biopsies).

(peer-reviewed published studies – see “Publications” tab)

View some examples of images in our atlas.